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We create spaces that excite.

Those little details mean as much to us as they do to you.

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Your Home.  Improved.


It was your dream home then.  And we'll make it your dream home now.


Older doesn't have to mean outdated.  You can start by simply painting a room, resurfacing your cabinets, changing your hardware - or go the extra mile and turn your unused attic space into the perfect guest room or ultimate man cave.

Whether your want to take it one room at a time or completely renovate your entire house, we can make it happen.  And we'll walk you through it every step of the way.

We create living spaces as much as we improve existing ones.  Maybe it's time for that deck and fire pit you've always dreamed of.  Perhaps you're ready for the ultimate garage and shop combination.  Or maybe you just need a combination mud room/laundry room.

Improving your home is easier than you think.  You tell us what you want and we'll make it happen.



Your ideas. Your time frame. Your schedule. Your budget.


Turn your ordinary bath into a great escape.


Dream Bathrooms

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Your ultimate bathroom awaits.


Escape from the ordinary.


You work hard.  You come home.  You need an escape.


Whether you enjoy an invigorating "power shower" or simply want to light candles and indulge in the ultimate warm bath, we'll put our experience to use and build your escape from the daily grind.

Two heads are better than one.  So are six, eight, or even twelve.  We can create an indoor shower that rivals those of the best Vegas Hotels.  Whether you choose oversize slate, subway tile, or a pebble floor, we'll create a space that will impress the neighbors.

Want rain from above?  We've got you covered.  Want water from all angles?  We hear you.  Need bright light for the morning and something toned down at night?  Not a problem.  We'll build the shower of your dreams.  From fixtures to tile, we know how to make your sacred space one you'll never want to leave.

Maybe you just need a tranquil break from the kids.  We'll install a tub fit for a queen - or king.  We can surround your tub with the best in tile, fixtures, hardware, lighting, and cabinets.  And when we're done, all you need to add are the candles and the towels.

You don't have to break the bank, either.  Our Smart Choice service means we'll find the supplies we need at local retailers, select paints that complement the materials we use, and we'll offer options like dimmable lighting so you can enhance your home and enjoy it, too.

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A place for everything.  And everything in it's place.


Custom Closets.

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The Ultimate in Home Closets


It's more than just a closet.  It's your dressing room.


There's a place for everything if everything is in it's place.  We'll create the place.  You supply the everything.

Whether you just need a way to organize all your clothes and accessories, or want a quiet place to get ready for the day, we can create the ultimate walk-in closets for your master bedroom - or any other room in the house.

We'll start with two story clothing racks, add in shelving for shoes, drawers for small items, and top it off with a laundry bin.  And we'll build from there.  Want an island with a mirror?  Maybe a dressing table for make-up?  Bins for your backpacks?  Done.

We'll outfit your closet to reflect your lifestyle.

Get in touch with us to find out how we can make your closet the best kept secret in your home.


The Perfect Basement Wine Cellar.

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Transform Your Basement. 


Wine Cellar.  Man Cave.  Guest Room.  You decide.


Convert your basement into a room that you enjoy.   On a budget?  We can convert half of your space and turn the remaining area into storage.

Whether you need a home office, extra bedroom, wine cellar, man cave, or home theater, we can transform your unused basement into something everyone can enjoy.

You share your ideas, budget, and vision.  We'll offer our suggestions, solutions, and a time frame that works best for your family.

From floor to ceiling (and everything in between), we're your one stop source to making the magic happen below your home.  And who knows, your new pool hall may be the best thing to hit your neighborhood in years.


Carpet.  Hardwood.  Cabinets.  Drawers.  Counters.  Lighting.  Fixtures.  Paint.  Tile.

We'll cover every aspect of transforming your basement.


Storage.  Workspace.  Project Center.


The Perfect Garage.

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Built to Function and Impress.


 Shop.  Garage.  Storage.  Laundry Room.

Or all of these combined.


What can you do with Flow Wall?  Well, just about anything.  You want a garage.  Your wife needs a laundry room.  Your kids need a place for bikes.  Your camping gear needs a home.  Consider it done...  all of it!

We know a thing or two about tight spaces.  And we can help you make the most of what you have.  From cabinets to drawers to work surfaces, Flow Wall is your solution to keeping your life organized - even in the tightest of spaces.

Get in touch with us today and let us help you build a storage solution that meets all your needs.  We can turn your garage (or any other room for that matter) into organization space that works for everyone in your home.


S & K Contracting, Inc.

We'll give your home new life.