Improve.  Update.  Enhance.

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Improve Your Existing Space


Paint.  Hardware.  Fixtures.  Flooring.


No matter what your home looks like now, we can add new life.


Whether you want to add new hardware to those kitchen cabinets, apply a fresh coat of paint to the living room, or add accent or dimming lighting to your dining room, we can help you improve your existing space and on a budget that works best for you.


Need to know that your ideas are possible?  Not a problem.  Give us a call.  We're problem solvers - and we know different people have different budgets.  But everyone deserves a little improvement based on those budgets.


We'll work with you to improve your home - comfortably.


We want you to be happy...

...and we're willing to put every bit of our knowledge into making that happen.


Make it Uniquely You.

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The Difference is in the Details.


Smaller budgets require smaller changes. 

(And that can be a good thing.)


A fresh coat of paint, a new tile back splash, and new hardware for your cabinet doors can bring your old kitchen new life.  We're pretty good about helping you explore solutions that will make your home beautiful again - and without breaking the bank.


Enhance with finishing touches.

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Add a little color.


Discover what paint can do.


Add a wall of accent color, paint the entire room, add contrasting trim.  Adding paint is fast, easy, and affordable.

If a gradual change to your home is what you need, start with the paint and go from there. 

We'll create a timeline to move from paint, to floors, to lighting - and in the end, the result is the room you've always dreamed of.


Be Bold.

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Create an elegant space with bursts of light.


Warm a room.  Create a space.


You can create an environment with lighting.  And we'll show you how.


From Edison Style Bulbs or Halogen Lamps over your wet bar to LED under-cabinet lighting in your kitchen, we know how to make a room inviting. 

It doesn't take much to have an impact and we'll help you create a space you'll be proud of for years to come.  When we're done, your home will be perfect for entertaining.

We'll add dimming fixtures or even timers, and help you create an atmosphere that welcomes.  Ask us for suggestions, and we'll give you solutions.



We'll make your home the talk of the neighborhood.


Warm a room.

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Update a space with new flooring.


Those wide open spaces can be welcoming places.


"Under Foot" doesn't have to mean "understated".

Make a bold improvement to any room with new hardwood, carpet, or even tile. 

We'll go over your needs and suggest a solution that works best for you.  Give us ten minutes on the phone and we'll give you options that will last a lifetime.



Hardwood.  Carpet.  Tile.  Stained Concrete. 

Even Rubber Flooring (think home gym, mud room, laundry).



S & K has solutions. Lots of them.


(Tap the tape measure from your mobile device to give us a call)

Make it inviting.

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Create a new space that is uniquely you.


We'll make it happen.  Just get in touch.